2 Feather Press
At Cellspace
Studio B
2050 Bryant St
San Francisco, California 94110
email: info at 2featherpress.org

2 Feather Press is a new communal screen printing studio based at CELLspace, a collective art space in San Francisco. Our mission is to provide an affordable membership-based printing space, public workshops, and to promote DIY screen printing in San Francisco.

Membership: Members pay a monthly fee and volunteer a few hours of their time for 24-7ish access to the screen print studio, which includes communal gear and supplies, as well storage. Don't know how to print yet? We'll teach you. If you are interested in helping to build a thriving screen printing community in a vibrant arts space, part please contact Jon (jon at feather2pixels.com).

All workshops take place at 2 Feather Press in CELLspace (2050 Bryant at 19th Street, SF CA). Sorry, we cannot offer refunds on registration fees. Material fees pay for ink, emulsion, and other supplies such as tape. In addition, participants will be able to keep their screens at cost in most cases.

Please direct questions to jon at feather2pixels.com